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Send Personalised Wedding Cards

Weddings are one of the most important occasions a person can have. The best way to congratulate those close to you with the special moment in their lives is by sending a thoughtful wedding card. Put your thoughts and feelings on the paper and express the joy and excitement you feel for your friends' next adventure.

With our help, choose a beautiful card from our selection of different personalised wedding card designs that will make the special day that more magical.

Whether you are looking for a card to gift the future Mr and Mrs, wedding greeting cards or even a wedding card for a husband on a wedding day or a wedding card for wife on a wedding day, we have plenty of templates that fit the occasion. Hopeless romantics or laid-back greetings – whatever you are looking for, we have it.

Are you struggling with writer's block? Don't worry! We offer wedding cards that feature famous sayings and greetings.

If you still want to include a personal message, but don't know what to write, here are a few tips: try to be as personal as you can be, be careful when using jokes (say “no” to all divorce jokes) and try not to be generic. As long as you are heartfelt, your card will surely make your chosen recipients smile.

Look through our designs of the best personalised wedding cards in the UK and find a template that you like the best. Finding the perfect wedding cards for husband or sweet wedding cards for wife isn't easy. But when you have so many options, it becomes less challenging.

Then, customise wedding cards with your message. If you wish – add a photo that fits the occasion. Finally, make the order, and we will make sure the personalised wedding card gets to you right in time. Leave the hassle to us, and we will make sure everything goes smoothly!

Looking for more specific wedding cards? Explore our wide collection of greeting cards for family, friends or loved ones of any age group & gender. We got you covered with:

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