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Celebrate confirmation with our beautiful confirmation cards!

In a person's spiritual journey, there are a couple of important milestones which ask for a proper celebration. Baptism might be the most popular one, but there are others just as significant. Another practice that has been linked to Christianity throughout time is confirmation.

Simply put, it can be defined as a rite of initiation that is carried out through prayer. Quite often, the person who is participating in the confirmation will be anointed. The aim of the process is to bestow the gift of the Holy Spirit. Beautiful confirmation cards will be an excellent addition to any confirmation gift.

Typically, confirmation follows after baptism. Usually, it is considered to be the sealing of the covenant, which has been done in baptism. It is viewed that confirmation strengthens the bond with the church since a baptised person is already considered a member.

Confirmation is typical amongst Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox, but there are slight differences in the process. For example, in the East, confirmation is carried out after baptism, while, in the West, it is done only when an adult has been baptised. Either way – confirmation is an important event in a person's life, which is why confirmation cards will be so fitting.

If your family member, friend, colleague, or anyone else special in your life is getting confirmed, you must support them in their spiritual journey. Similar like christening or baptism, confirmation is typically an occasion that brings together the whole family. For this reason, buy confirmation greeting cards and give them to your loved ones!

In fact, it is a wonderful opportunity to shower with love the person who is getting confirmed. After the event, there is a tradition of giving gifts. However, that doesn't mean you have to look for jewellery or silverware. The best gift you can give the person who is participating in confirmation is your support and thoughts.

Luckily for you, we have got an idea of how to express them!

When somebody in your life is getting confirmed, gift them a confirmation card! On our website, you will find hundreds of confirmation cards suited for every occasion and event. So whether you are looking for a personalised confirmation card that is sweet, sentimental, or even a little bit funny, we have got your back!

Look through our confirmation cards online, and – whenever you find something that you like – make the order. We will make sure to send confirmation cards to your chosen recipient, wherever in the UK they might be.

For an even more special gift, personalise one of the confirmation greeting cards! Browse through the many templates available, and pick one that fits your or your recipient's taste. Think of a thoughtful message. Remember to include well wishes and words of support.

If you wish to add a photo to your order – that is possible too. When you have personalised confirmation greeting cards, don't forget to fill out all the details. Long gone are the days of running around the town, looking for the perfect confirmation greeting cards. Why leave your house if you can find high-quality confirmation cards online?

One of our sentimental personalised confirmation cards is guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient's face.

In this category you will find the following cards for confirmation suitable for family, friends & loved ones:

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