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Have you ever wondered why Christians eat a small piece of bread and enjoy wine or grape juice in some services? The Church has a thousand-year-old tradition, which is called communion. Symbolically, the bread represents Jesus's body, while wine – his blood.

The idea behind the practice is to remind people what Jesus has done for us and how he provides everything we need. But the tradition is not as simple as that. Catholics also celebrate First Holy Communion, which is a religious ceremony that introduces children to what is about to come. Communion cards will be an excellent addition to the celebration!

Simply put, the First Holy Communion celebrates the first time a child accepts the bread and wine, which is also known as the Eucharist. If you participate in the event, buy our beautiful communion greeting cards!

Usually, it happens when the little one reaches the age of 7 or 8 years. After the important occasion, they can try the bread and wine also at Catholic Mass.

Since that moment, it is believed that the child is more deeply initiated into the Catholic Church. However, before the ceremony, the little one must be christened (take a look at our christening cards).

The special event is an opportunity for the whole family and friends to get together and shower the little one with love. Typically, First Holy Communion is also celebrated with the child's godparents and the church community. Little boys wear a suit, and girls dress in white. In some ways, the First Holy Communion is similar to the christening.

Therefore, it is not unusual to give gifts on the special occasion. In fact, it is considered the right thing to do. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money or hours looking for the perfect gift. We have got a solution that won't break your bank but will make the little one's day that much more special – communion cards.

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So whether you are looking for a communion card for your child or a member of your family, we have your back! First Holy Communion is all about symbolism, therefore, a sentimental gift like a communion greeting card will be an excellent choice.

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