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Bar mitzvah is a joyous event. To celebrate it, send bar mitzvah greeting cards to the celebrant! Look through our fantastic selection of bar mitzvah cards and find your favourite!

When a Jewish boy turns 13, he reaches an important milestone. From that date, the little gentleman has the same rights and obligations as a Jewish adult. In fact, the name of bar mitzvah can be directly translated to “son of the commandments”.

Although the term doesn't appear in Hebrew Bible, a bar mitzvah is an essential Jewish coming-of-age ritual that dates back to the 15th century. If somebody close to you is celebrating the event, gift them bar mitzvah greeting cards!

It seems that the first person to mention its name was a rabbi named Menahem Ziyyoni. Back then, the celebration was relatively modest and consisted only of two or three components. In today's world, a bar mitzvah is even more important and involves different activities.

When a boy reaches the age of 13, a bar mitzvah is typically celebrated with a ceremony at synagogue and a party afterwards. Quite often, the celebrant is expected to deliver a speech, be called to the Torah or demonstrate his new status in some kind of different way.

There is no doubt that bar mitzvah is an important milestone in every little boy's life. In fact, it is a beautiful day also for parents and their loved ones. So send them bar mitzvah cards to let them know you care.

If your friend or somebody close in your life is participating in a bar mitzvah, you will want to give them a gift. Traditionally, bar mitzvah gifts often include a ritually significant amount of money, but, what is more important, is to give a gift that is meaningful and speaks from the heart.

Bar mitzvah greeting cards will be an excellent addition to any gift you decide to give, or they can even be a gift itself. At, you will find the best bar mitzvah cards online. If you wish to surprise your friends with a thoughtful gift, we offer to send personalised bar mitzvah cards throughout the UK.

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Once you have picked your favourite, order the selected personalised bar mitzvah card. Don't forget to include a sweet note with your good wishes for the celebrant. For a young Jewish child, a bar mitzvah is quite often one of the most momentous days in his life thus far. Make sure to acknowledge that!

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