60th Birthday Cards


60th birthday card

Cheers to 60! The coolest 60th birthday cards

There is no doubt that people (like wine) only get better with age. As your loved one celebrates his or her 60th birthday, we have got 60th birthday cards that will make their day a whole lot happier.

Look through our site and find the perfect 60th personalised birthday card for your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather, colleague or boss. Think about their personality – what makes them happy and what makes them laugh. Funny, cheerful, sweet, emotional, quirky and naughty – whatever you need, we have got it.

To make the order, have a look at our designs and decide what would work best for your chosen recipient. Remember – you can always customise the card according to your needs. After that, make the order and let us take care of the happy 60th birthday card which will be sent by post via Royal Mail the same day you order.