China 20th Anniversary Cards


20th anniversary cards

A persons 20th wedding anniversary is also known as China wedding anniversary and is a momentous occasion to be celebrated

Think of the changes in the last 20 years, the world has become an entirely different place. The global population has exploded, buildings are higher, and the internet has transformed almost all parts of our lives. 20 years is no joke, therefore celebrating your loved ones by sending a 20th wedding anniversary card is a must.

Whether it is you, your parents, your friends or anyone else enjoying the joyous event, it is essential to pay proper attention to the impressive milestone.

The best 20th anniversary gifts have meaning. To surprise your loved ones on their special occasion, give them a 20th wedding anniversary card. The simple yet personal present will surely bring a smile to their face.

Take a tour of our website and look at the various personalised 20th anniversary cards available. For a China anniversary, choose a sweet, naughty or – perhaps – humorous card. Order the card by 2.00pm and it will be customised and printed and then posted on the same day to any area in the UK.

If you wish to customise your chosen card, that is possible too! Write a thoughtful message or a humorous greeting and include a photo of the recipients (or something important to them). Then, make the order, and our employees will make sure it gets delivered right where it should be.

Finding the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary is never easy. But, by choosing a card that features a personalised greeting, you can't go wrong. After all – who doesn't like getting a card? That level of excitement is unbeatable. Forget about walking to the post office – just a few clicks and the card will be on your doorstep.

In this category you will find the following cards for 20th anniversary suitable for family, friends, colleague or loved ones:

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  • 20th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Couple
  • 20th Anniversary Cards for Him
  • 20th Anniversary Cards for Her
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Wife
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Friends
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Daughter and Son in Law
  • 20th Anniversary Personalised Cards
  • 20th Anniversary Greeting Cards
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary Cards
  • 20th Anniversary Cards for Parents
  • 20th Anniversary Card Mum and Dad
  • 20th Anniversary Cards for Sister and Brother in Law
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